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Bugs Can't Hide From Our  K-9
Do you want to start your own bed bug business? Do you already have a dog?  Lets give your dog a job.  See the  K-9 Team Services page.We can train your existing dog in most cases.

We can also train a dog for you.The waiting list for single odor detection dogs is anywhere from 60 to 90 days depending on the dog the new handler will also get training in detection and handling. We currently offer 2 choices for detection Bed Bugs or Termites
Trained Dogs: $10,000

These dogs are the cream of the crop for accuracy they only respond to live infestation which can include eggs,nymphs,and adult bugs.  They take a bit longer to train but are well worth the wait if you are look for quality instead of quanity.
Want to learn to train your own Detecton dogs?
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