Only dirty people get bed bugs.
False. Your clients can get bed bugs anywhere they are known as hitchhiking bugs. They can be picked up virtually anywhere.

They could have not come from the clients new furniture.
False. Imagine if the people who dropped off the new furniture also picked up old furniture and put an old couch for disposal from a previous drop off next to yours; it is perfectly logical to assume that the if the old couch had bugs that they could crawl onto your clients new furniture before it gets moved into their home.

My clients don't have bed bugs because they don't have bites.
False. Not all people have a reaction to bed bugs. They may be eating your clients at night and you may not even know it.

Bed bugs carry diseases.
False. Bed bugs do not carry diseases that are communicable to humans. The can however cause anemia and even kill your clients if the infestation is bad enough although this is very unlikely.  If you loose too many clients this way you are in trouble.

Bed bugs are too small to be seen.
False. Adult bed bugs are about the size and color of apple seeds. Eggs and nymphs are very small and white which can make them extremely difficult to see but they can be seen under optimal conditions.

Swabbing your clients house in alcohol will get rid of bed bugs.
False. While rubbing alcohol may kill bed bugs if directly applied it evaporates too quickly for this to be a viable solution. If you are actually doing this then you client's should fire you immediately and hire a new pest control company.

Moth balls will keep them at bay.
False. This will just make your clients house stink.

The last pest control technician did not see any bugs so there must not be any.
False. A human inspector is only about 30 percent accurate when comes to finding bed bugs because of the size of the pest and where they like to hide. A properly trained Bug Dog Pro K-9 team is the most effective way to find them with an accuracy rate of up to 99.9% percent effectiveness.

Clients only get bed bugs from hotels.
False. Bed bugs have been found in homes, hotels, furniture stores, public transportation, clothing stores, movies theaters and even fire departments. Basically your clients can pick them up in most places that are open to the public.

What do I do if I think a client has them but I can't find them?
If you think your client has bed bugs contact us company right away and ask for a Bug Dog Pro K-9 team sweep and see if our dogs alert to them.  A licensed inspector is only about 30% likely to find an early infestation with a visual inspection.  Using a dog can raise your percentage to 99.9% accuracy.

Do customers need to avoid hotel stays?
No they don't need avoid hotels but it is a good idea to make sure the hotel has had a K-9 sweep recently as part of an integrated pest management program and has been deemed bed bug dog alert free.  If you had the back of a highly trained K-9 team you could compete bigger guys that have there own K-9 Teams.

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